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Past Conferences


1. Amsterdam, 1963.

Comparative education research and the determinants of educational policy.


2. Berlin, 1965.

General education in a changing world.


3. Gent, 1967.

The university within the education system.


4. Praha, 1969.

Curriculum development at the second level of education.


5. Stockholm, 1971.

Teacher education.


6. Frascati, 1973.

Recurrent education. Concepts and policies for lifelong learning.


7. Sèvres, 1975.

School and community.


8. London, 1977.

Diversity and unity in education.


9. Valencia, 1979.

The influence of international educational research on national educational policies.


10. Genève, 1981.

The future of educational sciences: theoretical and institutional issues.


11. Würzburg, 1983.

Education and the diversity of cultures: the contribution of comparative education.


12. Antwerpen, 1985.

The impact of technology on society and education. A comparative perspective.


- Garda, 1986.

Special conference for the 25th anniversary of CESE.

 Comparative education today.


13. Budapest, 1988.

Aims of education and development of education.


14. Madrid, 1990.

Educational reforms and innovations facing the 21st century: a comparative approach.


15. Dijon, 1992.

Evaluation of education and training: comparative approaches.


- Granada, 1994.

Symposium on Decentralization and evaluation of European education systems.

Theory, research and experiences in a comparative perspective.


16. Copenhagen, 1994.

Challenges to European education: cultural values, national identities, and global responsibilities.


17. Athens, 1996.

Education and the structuring of the European space: North-South, Centre-Periphery, Identity-Otherness.


18. Groningen, 1998.

Education contested: changing relations between state, market, and civil society in modern European education.


19. Bologna, 2000.

The emergence of the "knowledge society": from clerici vagantes to Internet.


20. London, 2002.

Towards the end of educational systems? Europe in a world perspective.


21. Copenhagen, 2004.

Multiple identities, education and citizenship. The World in Europe - Europe in the World.


22. Granada, 2006.

Changing knowledge and education: Communities, information societies and mobilities. The World in Europe - Europe in the World.


23. Athens, 2008.

Changing landscapes, topographies and scenarios: Educational policies, schooling systems and higher education. The World in Europe - Europe in the World.


- Las Palmas, 2009.

PISA under examination: changing knowledge, changing tests and changing schools.


24. Uppsala, 2010.

Enlightenment, creativity and education: polities, politics and performances.


- Barcelona, 2011.

Universities, states and markets in a changing Europe: Towards the creative governance of higher education