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Eleftherios Klerides (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)

Eleftherios Klerides is an Associate Professor of Comparative Education at the University of Cyprus and an Adjunct Faculty Professor of Education Policy at the Open University of Cyprus. Previously he was a Honorary Research Fellow of North-West University in South Africa, a Research Fellow of the American University of Beirut and an Adjunct Faculty Member at the UCL Institute of Education. Eleftherios has published widely; two books (‘Identities and education: comparative perspectives in times of crisis’, Bloomsbury 2021, with S. Carney; ‘Governing educational spaces: teaching and learning in transition’, Sense 2015, with H.G. Kotthoff), one special issue of Comparative Education (‘Mobilities and educational metamorphoses: patterns, puzzles and possibilities’, 2009, with R. Cowen), three special issues of European Education (‘Governance, the nation state and the new global order in education’, 2020, with S. Carney; ‘Governing educational spaces: historical perspectives’, 2015, with H.G. Kotthoff; ‘Neo-empires of knowledge in education’, 2014, with M. Pereyra and H.G. Kotthoff), one special issue of Comparative and International Education Review (‘Comparative education, education policy and education reforms: the case of Cyprus’) and over 40 articles and chapters in the fields of comparative education, education policy, global governance, and history of education. His main current anxiety is how to revitalize the comparative study of education with the help of international relations theories.

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Past President

Stephen Carney  (Roskilde University, Denmark)  

Stephen Carney is a Professor of Educational Studies at Roskilde University in Denmark where he leads its Global Humanities program. His research focuses on global educational reform and comparative method. He has studied university governance in Denmark, teacher preparation in England and Tibet and school development in Nepal and India. He recently published a book, together with Ulla Madsen, exploring the remaining possibilities for comparative education (Education in radical uncertainty: transgressions in theory and method) and edited a volume with Lefteris Klerides (Identities and Education: Comparative Perspectives in times of Crisis), both with Bloomsbury Publishers. He was President of the Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE) between 2016 - 2022. 

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Terri Kim (University of East London and UCL Institute of Education, UK)

Terri Kim (PhD London; PFHEA) is Professor of Comparative Higher Education (Honorary Professor at UEL; Visiting Professor at Yonsei University, Seoul) and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Institute of Education. Previously she was Academic Visitor (Senior Member) of St Antony's College, Oxford, Visiting Research Scholar in International Relations at LSE in London, Visiting Scholar at  I.E.C. Collège de France in Paris, Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Monash University in Melbourne.  As a specialist in Comparative Education, Intercultural Education, and Higher Education, she serves on the editorial board of Comparative Education, Intercultural Education and Policy Reviews in Higher Education, and is a member of the QS Global Advisory Committee. She is the first Korean who has specialised in comparative higher education while being based in the UK and Europe for almost three decades, and a committed member of the CESE for over two decades.  Her scholarly interests centre on comparative historical sociology of higher education, transnational academic mobility/migration, knowledge and identity capital; international relations, diaspora, internationalisation and EDI in HE policy and practice; state-university relations, the academic profession and leadership in HE; Comparative Education theory and methodology. Her longstanding research has focused on how border-crossing academic mobility/migration has led to new knowledge creation and radical innovations that shift paradigms; and translating these innovations into social impact to contribute to human flourishing and inclusive social justice. She has published one book, five edited volumes (Special Issues) and 57 articles internationally. Some of her publications have been translated into French, Japanese, Spanish, and Lithuanian so far, and six of her articles have been included in the Reading Lists of seven postgraduate courses in major universities internationally (in the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Japan).  ‪Many of her invited talks and publications have addressed future directions and related them to the needs of the relevant governments as well as to the interests of academic community and civil society: e.g., OECD, European Migration Network, Academia Europaea, Universities UK, Public Policy Exchange, Times Higher Education, etc.

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Cathryn Magno (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

Cathryn Magno is Professor of Education Sciences at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where she teaches a range of courses in the Globalization and Education specialization, such as comparative education, international education policy, human rights education and migration and education.  Her three main research areas include gender, migration and leadership and governance, along with thinking and publishing on qualitative/postqualitative research methods. She currently serves as Co-Editor of European Education: Issues and Studies with Noah Sobe. Her books include New Pythian voices: Women building political capital in NGOs in the Middle East (2002) and Comparative perspectives on international school leadership: Policy, preparation and practice (2013) along with editing a recent volume, (Re)Mapping migration and education: Centering methods and methodologies, with Jamie Lew and Sophia Rodriguez (2022). She has published in numerous comparative and other education journals including Comparative Education Review, Compare, International Journal of Educational Development, Globalisation, Societies and Education, Intercultural Education, Health Care for Women International, Girlhood Studies, Educational Management, Administration and Leadership and International Journal of Academic Development and she directs an ongoing comparative education project in the form of an open source learning website called the Comparative Educational Leadership Lab. She has been a longstanding member of the CIES and has enjoyed being a member of CESE for nearly a decade.

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Valentina D' Ascanio (University of 'Tor Vergata' Rome, Italy)

Valentina D’Ascanio is Researcher in Education in the Department of Storia, Patrimonio Culturale, Formazione e Società, University of “Tor Vergata”, Rome, Italy. She is a member of SICESE (Sezione Italiana della Comparative Education Society in Europe), and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal I Problemi della Pedagogia and of the Series Studi sull’Educazione (UniversItalia, Roma). She is also a member of CIRSE (Centro Italiano per la Ricerca Storico-Educativa) and of SIPed (Società Italiana di Pedagogia). Her field of research regards the changes in higher education in the European and in the Italian context from the Twentieth century to today, adopting an historical-comparative perspective and giving particular attention to the concepts and works of some thinkers, like Max Weber, Thomas Mann, José Ortega y Gasset and Jean-François Lyotard. Her publications include: D’Ascanio, V (2014) Performativity and visibility: shapes, paths and meanings in the European higher education systems, in Vega Leoncio (Ed.), Empires, Post-coloniality and interculturality (pp. 151-167). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers; D’Ascanio, V (2017) ¿Como se idea el espacio educativo europeo? El discurso supranacional y la construcción del espacio europeo de educación superior, in «Journal of Supranational Policies of Education», pp. 81-106; D’Ascanio, V (2017) La polisemia della performance. L’istruzione superiore e la società̀ della conoscenza. Roma: Anicia; D’Ascanio, V (2020) Le Università del Novecento: legittimazione e governo. Roma: UniversItalia.

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Barbara Schulte (University of Vienna, Austria) 

Barbara Schulte is Professor in Comparative and International Education at the University of Vienna, Austria. She obtained her Dr. phil. in Education, History, and Sinology in 2007 at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, and became Docent in Education in 2012 at Lund University, Sweden. Barbara has been teaching and researching Comparative and International Education for over twenty years. Her research focuses on the global diffusion and local appropriation of educational models and programmes, both from a historical and contemporary perspective. Her publications address topics such as education, privatisation, and consumerism; new technologies/ICT, education, and techno-determinism; International Student Assessments (ISA) as instruments of governance; as well as education, aid and development, with particular focus on China. Ongoing research projects include a study of ethnic minority education in Southwest China, and the role of education in authoritarian regimes. Schulte’s most recent monograph is an introduction to comparative and international education in Swedish (with Wieland Wermke: Internationellt jämförande pedagogik, Stockholm, 2019).

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Aristotelis Zmas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

Aristotelis Zmas (PhD Bonn University, Germany) is an Assistant Professor in Comparative Education at the School of Primary Education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His current research concerns educational governance and European educational policy. His publications include: Zmas, A. (2020). Hybridity in Higher Education: Oscillating Between Public and Private Sectors. European Education, 52(2), 117-131; Zmas, A. (2015). Financial crisis and higher education policies in Greece: between intra- and supranational pressures. Higher Education, 69(3), 495-508; Zmas, A. (2015). Global impacts of the Bologna Process: international perspectives, local Particularities. Compare: a Journal of Comparative and International Education, 45(5), 727-747; Zmas, A. (2012). The transformation of European educational discourse in the Balkans. European Journal of Education, 47(3), 364-378; Zmas, A. (2010). Immigration Policies and Educational Inequality: a Comparative Perspective. In: C. Govaris & V. Kaldi (Eds.). The educational challenge of diversity in the international context (pp. 135-151). Münster: Waxmann; Zmas, A. (2008). Europäische Union und Neuordnung nationaler Bildungspolitik: der griechische Fall. Pädagogische Rundschau, 62(6), 605-615; Zmas, A. (2006). Bildungsstandards im europäischen Hochschulraum. Vierteljahrsschrift für wissenschaftliche Pädagogik, 82(4), 497-506.

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