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The Archive builds on the earlier work of Miguel Pereyra and aims at facilitating research and scholarship on the historical trajectory of the Society and on its role in the creation and re-creation of the field of comparative education. It is intended to become eventually the Society’s electronic archive featuring documents, papers and books that are considered vital in sustaining its institutional memory and collective identity.


  • Past Presidents (Articles 14)

    Find out about the life and work, professional positions, academic interests and major publications of the individuals who become presidents of the Society

  • Past Conferences (Articles 1)

    See a list of the Conferences and Symposia organised by CESE (places, dates and topics)

  • Beginnings, Trajectories, Interpretations (Articles 6)

    Learn about the Society's beginning and historical trajectory through the eyes of certain individuals

  • Honorary Members (Articles 8)

    Learn about members of the Society who have rendered long and distinguished services to comparative education

  • Paper Archive (London) (Articles 1)

    Search the London Institute of Education's Archives for documents and papers relating to the Society's beginning, historical trajectory and contribution to the making and remaking of the field of comparative education